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Care Services: a new ambition and a new business line to shore up the Group's development.


Promoting the Care revolution…

Globalization, more leisure time, spiralling demand for health care, increased life expectancy and mobility and growing urbanization are all major trends in society and culture that have caused personal services to flourish throughout the world.

Today we can see soaring demand for increasingly personalised services, covering information, prevention, protection and assistance, in daily life and exceptional circumstances alike. The Care revolution is under way and Europ Assistance is supporting it by developing practical responses:  Care Services, an offer of assistance services meeting new requirements innovatively and tailored to consumers

…. with Care Services

The inventor of the assistance business in 1963, the Europ Assistance Group is committed to being there for its customers at all times, by offering them tailor-made prevention and assistance  services in Health, Home & Family and Mobility, anywhere in the world.  Thanks to its totally personalized offer and the incorporation of new technologies, Europ Assistance improves its customers' quality of life and guarantees their peace of mind.  

Two historical business lines reinvented

The historical businesses of the Europ Assistance Group are firmly dedicated to mobility. The Travel and Automobile lines are a source of considerable opportunities in emerging countries, and the Group aims to consolidate and continue its growth in these sectors. The development of new products and introduction of a wide range of initiatives will boost its commercial and operational competitiveness.

Two new business lines on the up

At the same time as strengthening its competitiveness in its historic Travel and Automobile lines, Europ Assistance is taking action to boost its two new businesses, focused on assistance in everyday life: Health, and Home & Family. Speeding up service offers, sustained innovation and the search for new partners will help the expansion of these two sectors, which will represent over a third of the Group's business by 2015.

The integration of new technologies

By broadening the offer and giving it greater economic value, the combination of new technologies and local services looks set to boost steady growth in the personal services sector.   

Diversification of the distribution networks

While the assistance market naturally tends towards B2B distribution, Europ Assistance aims to change its distribution model over to B2B2C and B2C activities.

Optional sales with major partners, direct sales to consumers (especially via the Web) and the diversification of distribution of partners will ensure stronger visibility and economic growth for Europ Assistance and greater added value for its customers.