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EA Russia participates to the ExoMars programme 2016

On March 14th , EA Russia has contributed to a very important event: the launch of the Orbiter and Schiaparelli on a Proton rocket that will fly to Mars to establishing if life ever existed on the planet.
This is the first of two joint ESA-Roscosmos missions to Mars for a seven-month journey.
The Russian company’s role was to provide medical and equipment support to the launch team of about 60 people.  Since their collaboration in 2001, ESA & EA Russia have launched a total of 13 various satellites.
As for the past launches, EA Russia specifically trained Doctors who were present during the EXOMARS 2016 launch, providing 24h/7 medical support.
Supported by the medical platform located in Moscow and with the coordination of ESA launch campaign management, EA Russia’s professional medical team on site took care of all the medical related topics (communication with the local hospital, ambulance crew…), to provide primary care and triage, emergency medicine, advanced life support and emergency help in case of incidents during occupational hazards.
The Russian company is extremely proud to be part of such a project which demonstrates that for EA Group innovation never ends.