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Europ Assistance, voted the most welcoming brand in France

The new Observatory of welcoming brands realized by BVA for the communication agency « Change » ranked Europ Assistance as top of the welcoming brands in France.
The objective of the observatory is to measure the method of how French people perceived the actions and values regarding the welcoming strategy of brands: are they consistently improving their lives? Are they attentive in the interaction? This study calculated the indication of welcome by 150 brands within 20 different sectors. To enable the study, a sample of more than 5000 people, aged from 15 years upwards representing the French population was questioned online based on two questions:
Within their messages and values, the brand XXX 
- Is developed to improve your life / the lives of their clients (if non client)?
- Takes care of you / takes care of their clients (if non client)?
The answers were used to indicate the level of welcoming. The indication is based on the difference between those who were enthusiastic about the brand and those who were dissatisfied with the service. The brands who obtained a score superior to 75 are considered the most welcoming.
With a score of 87, Europ Assistance is classed number 1 of welcoming brands according to the French (clients or not but who know of the brand), taking the same position as Blablacar.
It is worth noting that Europ Assistance came in 4th place in the ranking of welcoming brands according to their individual clients with a score of 90.
Since it was founded in 1963, Europ Assistance has always been the market leader in assistance and services with a clear and defined mission: help people in difficult situations in the exceptional moments of their daily lives.
The welcoming is not a measure of the amount of care but rather the quality that the companies bring to people. These results translate to the commitment of Europ Assistance in prioritizing the quality of the relationship and placing the client at the heart of its service.
The study equally measures the preference of the brand and demonstrates a strong correlation with the welcoming.  The welcoming is the backbone of the relationship with the client. This is an essential condition but this is not sufficient to highlight the preference of the brand. 
Taken from measuring the welcome VS preference, Change agency has clearly identified Europ Assistance brand as a “Life Changer” characterized by 5 points:
- Europ Assistance created the concept of assistance
- Europ Assistance is dedicated to a clear and concise mission
- Europ Assistance is deeply invested within people’s lives
- Europ Assistance knows how to deliver beyond their commercial role and people’s expectations  
- Europ Assistance remains relevant to the times and in its own presence.
According to Evelyne Bourdonné, director of strategy planning at change, « A brand must be honest, useful and human in order to be welcoming and it’s the best way to become the preference”.