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Tyze, the new social entrepreneur supported by Europ Assistance in Canada

As part of its partnership with the international social entrepreneurship organisation Ashoka, the Europ Assistance Group selects and supports social entrepreneurs with their growth strategy. In Canada, the Group's company has been actively involved for the past few months in the selection process of these "Fellows" and has just identified several social entrepreneurs with strong synergies with its core business.

They are exploring business arragements with Lucie Chagnon, who offers solution to companies and their collaborators in strike a satisfactory work-life balance; and with Scott Gilmore, who connects small businesses and frontier economies with the global supply chain.

Europ Assistance will also provide strategy and implementation support to Ashoka Fellow Al Etmanski and his wife Vickie Cammack's Tyze platform. Tyze is an online tool that helps the elderly, their families, friends, neighbours and care professionals work together in a community centered on the person. "We are thrilled to work with Europ Assistance team," says Vickie Cammack; "they have immediately seen what we are trying to achieve with Tyze, their expertise and support will make a real difference."

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